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The essence of life is a unique promotions and distributions company based in Switzerland, supplying premium ethical and organic products to independent retailers across continental Europe. We are exclusive regional trade partner for the Project Fair Trade initiative, a collective, motivated to build a sustainable ecosystem for promotion and distribution of ethical products and services.

       Service to ethical brands:

  • Support in building brand visibility across continental Europe
  • Offer exclusive partnership sharing promotional costs
  • We distribute products to various retail channels
  • We manage online sales and fulfilment services
  • Facilitates expert product review
  • Offer PR services such as publications featuring products.

      Services to online and high-street retailers:

  • Access to premium ethical brands
  • Continuity of supply andf lexible delivery arrangements
  • Worldwide ethical product sourcing support
  • Offer PR services such as publications featuring online and high-street retail outlet reviews


       Our portfolio of partner brands will include:

  • Fair trade products
  • Organic food products and ingredients
  • Vegan food products
  • Organic textile products
  • Organic skin and hair care products
  • Organic health and dietary supplements
  • Organic aromatherapy and ayurvedic products

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