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Enjoy Kera Laboratory 100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

27th September 2017

This cold pressed coconut oil (Virgin) reaches you from Kerala (South India) carrying the legacy of traditions and Ayurveda. Virgin coconut oil has been used for centuries for its therapeutic qualities and is an integral part of south Indian cuisine.

Virgin coconut oil is a gift from nature, carrying the vibrant energy of the sun (life force energy). Coconut oil has many antibacterial and cleansing properties for both internal and external use, for example it helps to maintain oral and dental hygiene as well as a principle ingredient in Ayurvedic oils against skin ailments. Virgin coconut oil produced from organically grown coconuts are highly recommended in Ayurveda for external application to treat stress related skin dryness, psoriasis, eczema, skin chapping and itching etc. Virgin coconut oil has healing properties and soothing effect leading to rejuvenation of the affected areas and the rest of the skin. A spoon full in the morning can have the effect of a skin tonic, add a pinch of curcuma (Turmeric powder) to boost your immune system.

Consuming virgin coconut oil is a nourishing habit. It is excellent on the hair, gives shine and volume to the hair prompting hair growth. Highly recommend  massaging the scalp gently with virgin coconut oil before washing and shampooing the hair.

It can be used even in oil lamps to create a positive energy at home and office.

Enjoy Kera Laboratory 100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. It is healthy, energy packed and promotes fairer trade.

I recommend to know more about virgin coconut oil, its benefits and some tasty recipes to try out at home.

Wish you all a life in Happiness & health

Lenry Francis
Ayurveda Health Practitioner
Lausanne, Switzerland.
Since 2007

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